The Effect of Using Professional Learning Community (PLC) to Develop the English Language Oral Communication

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curriculum and instructions, ain shams university


The study aimed to illustrate the effect of using professional learning community (PLC) to develop the English language oral communication. The study begins with a review of literature and previous studies dealing with professional learning community (PLC) and oral communication. It also clarifies the definition of PLC, its importance, features, Philosophies beyond Professional Learning Community (PLC) in Education, online PLC and its advantages and challenges. Besides, the definition of oral communication and its elements. Finally, the research elaborates the interlink of PLC and oral communication.
Language links different cultures and a way of communication that facilitates mutual understanding between people from different backgrounds. Language is also a means of communication. People can exchange messages and express their views with language.
In education, English has become the primary language of communication. It is spoken by millions of people all over the world. Nowadays, almost all majors and fields use English, such as engineering, education, and economics. Therefore, it is very essential to learn English.
Besides, teachers of English language should be able to communicate meaning with their students by using target language in different meaningful contexts.

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