To Mimic or not to Mimic: That is the Question": Representation of the Concept of Mimicry in The Inheritance of Loss and Under Copenhagen Sky: A Comparative Study

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Television St. Luxor, Egypt


Post colonialism is one of the most important theories in the literary field. It has taken the literary studies by storm. The term postcolonial literature refers to the literary works, produced by the subjects of the ex-colonies, during or after their independence. Homi K Bhabha is one of the most prominent critics of the postcolonial literary theory. Bhabha introduced some of its most famous concepts, like: hybridity, mimicry, and the notion of a “third space”. The previously mentioned concepts were widely discussed in his critical works. Using the analytic comparative approach, this paper tries to investigate the employment of the concept of mimicry in the novel, The Inheritance of Loss by the Indian-born author Kiran Desai. This is in addition to examining the same concept in the novel, Under Copenhagen Sky by the Iraqi writer Howraa El-Nadawy. Actually, both authors introduce characters that suffer from sense of loss and alienation. However, while some characters resort to mimicry as a defense strategy to survive in a different environment, others, on the other hand, refuse mimicry and are resilient towards losing their native identity.

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