The Effect of Using Media to Enhance EFL University Learners’ Oral Fluency and Global Awareness

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Private Universities


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of using media in EFL classes on enhancing EFL university learners’ oral fluency and global awareness. The study started with reviewing literature and related studies of oral fluency, global awareness, and media. The researchers prepared a list of oral fluency and global awareness components as a base for designing the study instruments. They also designed a rubric, a pre-post interview, and participants’ satisfaction questionnaire. Besides, the researchers designed a program for enhancing oral fluency and global awareness for EFL university learners. Then, a group of 30 Arabic native speakers students enrolled at The Arab Open University in Egypt were nominated to participate in the study. They were first-year students at the pre-intermediate level (A2). They were from different cultural backgrounds. These participants studied thirteen online-based sessions, including the pre-post interview. They were submitted to a pre and post interviews, and their scores were statistically analyzed, using the T-test and the effect size factor. In addition, the scores and data were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results revealed that using media was highly effective in developing EFL learners’ oral fluency and global awareness.

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